Happy Halloween

Just a few decorations I put up around the house:)  It’s one of my favorite holidays!  I’m off to get some pumpkin for pumpkin bread!  Happy Halloween and stay safe!  I’ll try to get some pics of the dogs dressed up later:)


Embroidered Love Map

I wanted to do a project that means something to us newlyweds so when I stumbled across this map I had in my old car from before we moved to Texas I knew I wanted to use it.  I mapped out where we first met in a large heart shape then the trip to where we got married and made another heart there.  I used two colors of thread that were our wedding colors (pink/peach).   I drew on the first heart with a pencil but found it wasn’t helpful so then I just held up the map in front of a light (well the tv worked fine) so I could see where I was poking the needle through.   It’s not perfectly straight or evenly stitched but I suppose that’s like any relationship, perfectly un-perfect.

Map + needle+thread+frameEmbroidery on map

Do you have any special projects that mean something to your relationship?  See you soon,*Jess*

Estate sales

Hello Monday. Time for a weekend recap-yay!  Saturday I took the hubby to his first estate sale, and my second and found this amazing panda bear sweatshirt (it’s just so cute), matching scarf, 3 super vintage cookbooks/gardening book (one features only “meatless” recipes!) and 2 gorgeous ornate gold-framed mirrors–all for $38!  The best time to hit these estate sales is the last day because they’ll sell you everything at a deal, we got all the items at half off then another 15%.  I think even my man was impressed with my shopping skills!  I just had to add the mod napkins I found at another estate sale for $4–aren’t they the coolest!  I definitely think this is a new hobby; happy thrifting!

DIY Couch Patch

I’ve been wanting to do this project since we came home and there was not just a tiny rip in our couch but large chunks of foam insides splayed out over the living room floors..sigh..My thought at first was we’ll just have to get a more dog resistant couch and this will be put on the curb as soon as we can get another one..but we are not in a position to buy a new couch so I had to get creative.  Here’s how I fixed it: 1. I found these super cute fabric placemats.  I cut out rectangles several inches larger than the holes on the couch.   2. I ironed a hem into the squares to prevent any messy looking threads sticking out.  3.  Filled in the holes with some stuffing (I used an old pillowcase folded up)  4.  Hand-stitched the patches over the holes using embroidery thread and a craft needle. (for extra hold on the needle I used a rubber glove and it made the job much easier)  5.  Admired our new patched up couch.  It’s actually pretty cute and has a homey feel to the new look.  Just don’t mind the dog hair-it’s a never-ending chore to vacuum up (maybe I should learn photoshop-ok it’s on my to-do!)

Halloween Costumes ’12

Happy Halloween–Here’s us on saturday before heading off to a costume party.  I think we looked pretty great!  I wish I could say I made the costumes myself but I think they were pretty creative as is.  Someday I’ll own a sewing machine and make lots of fabulous things but until then.  We had a great time and can’t wait for the trick or treaters this wednesday:) 

At the Fair

Fried Jambalya

Hey Everyone!  I’m still recovering from a day at the State Fair! There’s really no other option but to eat Fried EVERY-thing! As our third year at the Fair, we’ve made a tradition of finding the Fletcher’s corn dogs–the one thing I’ll wait all year for! A sweet nurse I used to work with completely recommended them and she’s had 80-plus years of TSF and she was right! Also, This year I tried the fried cookie dough (I couldn’t help but think about the spoonfuls I would eat out of the bowl as a kid) and I could only eat a quarter of it–they fry up two ginormous balls of dough and it’s all but impossible to eat; luckily I had my hubby and bff there to help with the carnage. The hubby tried the fried jambalaya which was very tasty! The bff tried a fried PB & J which was delicious as well! We didn’t even make it to the games or rides because they have a very nice wine tasting area where we took it all in–quite literally! We were glad that at least we had gone kayaking the day before so we knew our arteries could handle the beating we gave them! Hopefully this week I’ll make lots of good food choices to make up! See you then!  Fried Cookie Dough mmmmm
Fried Cookie Dough mmmmm

Fried PB &and J

Sausage on a stick–so good!

Truffle popcorn and TGIF

TGIF!  We love a good movie night at home and what more we LOVE popcorn.   All you need is a Whirley Pop stove air popper, oil and kernels.  In ten minutes you’ll have a gourmet snack!  Now for the movie…..Try something scary this weekend–(I’m not a fan of horror but I’ll watch the classics or anything by Steven King).

This weekend we are going to our BFF’s  Halloween party so I’ll post some pics of our awesome Cave outfits later!  Have a lovely, but spooky, weekend, *hugs*