Happy things

This year started out extremely difficult and painfully when my husband, then fiance, lost his mother, my soon-to-be mother-in-law.  Since then, we got married (the best day!), I lost my job, my hubby came out with his 1st iPhone game, I applied for graduate school, and now I want to try to keep things simple and focus on the things I love.  My plan is to try new things, make things, give things, or whatever I think might shine a little light on the day.

So I looked online and watched a movie called, yep, “Happy”, while I was thinking about this blog idea and researchers say that 50% of any one person’s happiness is genetically based-so we have this baseline happiness that at any given time you would be at your happiest.  I think our society tries to tell us how to be happy-work hard, earn money, live the American dream. But research says only 10% of our happiness is a result of this–environment: our work, social life, ect.  40% of our happiness results from what we DO-the activities we pursue-our hobbies and interests-our actions.  It is this 40% that I want to focus on more.

Researchers also say that more women in their 20’s suffer from anxiety than ever before. Why? Demands of work and social lives? Perceived lack of time to pursue what they want? This is pretty sad to me and I don’t really want to be a statistic-so I have one more year (before I am 30–yay?!) to not be!  I will be honest too here, I have had my fair share of anxiety over the last few years; being a grown up away from home is hard!

Random picture but it makes me happy–all the kiddos in my family, 3 are my siblings, and my amazingly adorable grandma!  I’m the one with blond hair on the left and welcome to my blog!

The kiddos and my cute little grandma


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