Eating In or Out

I love eating out!  I just do.  I love to cook and grocery shop for home cooked meals that luckily, my husband usually says are edible, if not really good.  And for about a year now we’ve tried to save money for our wedding and a big chunk was by not going out to eat because when we do we order pretty much whatever we want.  Although, I’d have to pride myself on being a somewhat cheap date–I’ve never order a steak except for twice in my life–(an the second was last night!)–and I don’t mind ordering the house Red or house tequila.

My big plan was going to make our current eating out a lot better for at least a short while.  I was watching the Today Show/having morning coffee/reading my mag and there was a segment on  deals you could buy specially on–so they featured’s  deal where you buy $40 and get a $300 gift card; I was super excited to get the deal and as a fan of groupon/living social deals I thought this would be great so I literally ran to my purse for my credit card then to my mac where I purchased not one, but 2, of the $300 gift cards–I figured I would give one as a gift to my parents who also enjoy Going Out (after they footed the wedding bill I thought it was the nicest gift I could get them being that I’m currently unemployed).  Had I at least looked at for deals though I would have found only 2 places we like to eat at in our neighborhood featured AND you can only redeem a portion of your $300 AND you have to spend more than the gift card that you choose(spend 35 on a 25$ gift card)..So, my plan sorta bombed.

In order to spend the $300 (bye bye booze filled expensive dinner that I so imagined) we got to spend a min. $35 on a $25 gift certificate and we can only use it once per month.  so in order to spend the $300 we have to go to our favorite little farm-to-table place once a month for the next year which really isn’t a bad thing.  On the 8th monthly dinner out we will finally be utilizing the “free” gift card money. So much for going out on a budget.  Furthumore-I will not give this as a gift to my parents because I’m sure they would love the really fine print

If you followed that at all, which re-reading it I didn’t very well, my advice would be to budget your eating out and always check out the fine print 🙂

(Sorry, I’m sure it’s a good idea when you know what you want ahead of purchasing $600 worth of credit!)

Bread Pudding at Ava-wow!


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