Vintage Costumes

Hello lovely!  Getting into the Halloween spirit and super excited to get dressed up and go to our friends party in a couple weeks.  My husby and I decided to dress up as Cave Man and wife this year fittingly as the husb started his own company a year ago called Big Cave Games–it’s a no brainer right?!

So in order to find said cave outfits we checked out the Dallas Vintage Shop (  and whoa.  It was like Disneyland for Costumes.

Stuff was on the cielings, walls, and hung from 8 foot racks. We had to ask where the cave man stuff was otherwise we would have been there all day.  But because Vintage is priced higher than a typical costume you could find at Halloween Express, and we couldn’t spend $300 on outifts, we walked out with just 2 plastic bones for $9 each (later we would find same bones for $4)

I snapped a few pics with the iphone before  saw a sign saying no pictures unless you intend to buy it, so that was that.   Ah well, it was a fun outing.

Dallas Vintage Costumes

Dallas Vintage

Dallas Vintage shoes


Batman and viper


Lady Wig

Vintage fur???


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