Weekend Laze

Hi again–here’s a little update on my mantle–I couldn’t resist making yarn poms and tassel garlands for a little fall festivity.  Also had to simplify and took a few things down–it feels much better! 

This last weekend was like most others for us.  I found random chores to do, there are always a million it seems even though we are just two people, and  the man of the house was all about his projects.  I got really distracted with rearranging our mantle place and ended up on Pinterest looking for arrangement ideas.  In the end, after a few hours and several tries, I think it’s kinda fun and quirky–I love my huge stone map picture that my dear dad gave me and my silly blue cat print I got when I was doing an internship/class on culture in Chicago my senior year; the pink ampersand I made for our wedding, bowl of tiny rocks my mom collected and mailed to me from Lake Superior, a money tree that my cats can’t seem to leave alone, candle holder from the art fair made from a wine barrel–and, the best, it was a free project since I didn’t buy anything new.  I’m sure I’ll want to rearrange again soon enough, I suppose that’s the beauty in it.  There’s always a new way to look at things.

We also took the dogs for a nice walk except they were especially poorly behaved on this one and my hubby ‘s arm was sore the next day from all the pulling.   We decided to eat in Saturday night and we made popcorn and vodka sodas.  Sunday we slept in and lazed around with the dogs.

Later Sunday we went to Barnes and Noble which is our favorite spot to relax at the mall.  I felt tired and kinda grouchy all day until 4 pm or so until after my third coffee.  I read 74 pages of a random book about journalists in Rome and it was pretty good. I’ll have to remember to find it next time we go.  We were starving a

fter that so landed at our fav for snacky things on that side of town-Houlihans- and had chipotle nachos and drinks for happy hour–yum!  Then it was time to relax and get our TV and drinks on; we don’t

have cable so my hubby records shows for us to watch.  Our current obsession is Game of Thrones. Seriously, I didn’t think I would  like it, but it’s super addicting!   Dexter season 7 started up too so we’re definitely keeping up–I won’t say anything to ruin it but OMG, it’s a great season so far.

How was your weekend?


Please share your thoughts with me!

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