DIY Couch Patch

I’ve been wanting to do this project since we came home and there was not just a tiny rip in our couch but large chunks of foam insides splayed out over the living room floors..sigh..My thought at first was we’ll just have to get a more dog resistant couch and this will be put on the curb as soon as we can get another one..but we are not in a position to buy a new couch so I had to get creative.  Here’s how I fixed it: 1. I found these super cute fabric placemats.  I cut out rectangles several inches larger than the holes on the couch.   2. I ironed a hem into the squares to prevent any messy looking threads sticking out.  3.  Filled in the holes with some stuffing (I used an old pillowcase folded up)  4.  Hand-stitched the patches over the holes using embroidery thread and a craft needle. (for extra hold on the needle I used a rubber glove and it made the job much easier)  5.  Admired our new patched up couch.  It’s actually pretty cute and has a homey feel to the new look.  Just don’t mind the dog hair-it’s a never-ending chore to vacuum up (maybe I should learn photoshop-ok it’s on my to-do!)


Please share your thoughts with me!

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