Very Inspiring Blog Award Day

Hey everyone out there!  I am super excited today as I was checking my email I found out that a lovely follower of my blog and also fellow blogger nominated me for this award–how cool huh, I’m soooo flattered!  So in very humbly accepting this award I agree to the following:

1//Display the award logo somewhere on the blog 

2//Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you frombeauty2fashion (thanks girl;)

3//State 7 things about yourself

Ok here goes: 1. I got married on 6.30.12 to the man of my dreams

2. I studied psychology in college and worked with homeless mentally ill people the last 4 years

3. I am the oldest of 4; 2 brothers & 1 sister who are the best and amaze me all the time. I also gained a sister when I married Ryan and she is included in the amazing group of people I love.

4. I have always loved animals and probably should have been a vet like my aunt and uncle

5. One of the best words to describe my style is eclectic

6. My dream job is to own a boutique/gift shop/cocktail bar all in one

7. What I love about blogging is that its another way to keep myself accountable for the things I post and write about and there is a lovely blogging community to share and interact with!

4//Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs  I enjoy her product reviews and what I wore posts a lot;)  This talented lady and friend took our amazing wedding and engagement photos and has lots of her gorgeous work on her site. I love the enthusiasm for food on this blog and the range of unique recipes.  Super amazing story of “oneanna65”, I am inspired, sometimes tearful and always laughing out loud.  Beautiful, calm, inspiring words of meditation.  DIY projects that I might just now tackle because of her and her much appreciated sense of humor:)  This blogger makes me want to learn grannying and other knitting stuff:) I like this message. Positive, real, inspiring, plus she lives in Dallas like moi:)  For tons of practical advice on just about everything!  I love this blogger’s fearlessness! It makes for a fun blog.

5//Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements

Thank you to all who read this, like my posts and follow me!  It’s so much fun getting to know you and what you have to say as well;)  Happy Friday!


Save a vampire, plant garlic

It’s no lie that I can’t get enough of garlic.  I just found a garlic roaster at the thrift store for $1 and I’ve been using it almost daily now (thanks Costco for bulk garlic).  Once the garlic is nice and soft (350 in the oven for about an hour) I’ll squeeze it out and use as a cracker spread or even on a sandwich.  It’s also one of the best smelling things to cook!

I don’t have a lot of luck planting things (I mean, look at those pics of my dirt, it’s not even really dirt, it’s wood chunks and sand) but I thought I’d try to plant some garlic before it freezes.  All I did was peel off the layers and seperate the bulbs then plant the garlic pointy side up about 3 inches down.  Hopefully I’ll remember where I planted them;)  

My Kitchen dilemma

Here’s my kitchen.  I fell in love with it’s openness. In fact, it was a HUGE selling point when we bought our house almost 4 years ago; that and the upstairs media room.  The fact that it hadn’t been upgraded with stone counters or stainless steel didn’t bother me. I just loved the tall ceilings, the eat-in area, the huge window seat, the fluidity into the living area and the amount of cabinet storage space.  Oh, and the built in spice rack in the pantry.

What I don’t love is the cabinetry color, the hardware, and the countertops (and that big ugly light fixture).  But, since we can’t afford a $30,000 reno I’ve decided to give my kitchen the easiest cosmetic treatment.  Paint, paint, paint!  What a magical thing.  The thought really does make me a little giddy inside.  I’ve already repainted our kitchen table and chairs a bright white and I love the look of a black and white kitchen.  It’s clean and modern and unfussy.

That brings me to the dilemma.  And it’s really not that bad.  I just sometimes have a problem making the final decision.  I love this look below in Ms. Paltrow’s kitchen of all black cabinets with lighter counters.  I also love the open (glass front? I can’t tell, whatever) cabinets on top. I love am obssessed with dishes so it’d be fun to see them all without having to open the doors.

 or do I go with this one with the amazing floors below(can I paint tile?)

or do I paint the upper cabinets white, lower ones black like this modern look above? or do I remove the doors, paint the shelves white, and paint the lower black like this below?

I’m kind of favoring the last idea. It would be a complete change. I wouldn’t have to buy hardware for all the cabinets and it looks so sunny and open and cheerful.  Right now our walls are grey and I will probably leave them for now so it would be a black, white and grey kitchen.  Do you favor any of these over another?  I’ll keep thinking on this but I’d like to get it started in the next couple of weeks!  Well, I’m off to lunch with the husband;)  Have a good afternoon ya’ll!

DIY Magazine plant stand

I made this plant stand today when I brought my succulent inside before the weather freezes him outside and I couldn’t find anything to set him on so that he gets enough light.  I had seen these magazines folded up like this at anthropologie a few years ago and thought what a cool way to up-cycle and make something useful, hence the up-cycling part:)  All you need is 2-3 magazines and some hot glue.  I used Elle which is a thicker magazine so I only needed 2 for this project.Simply fold over 4-5 pages and tuck them into the center of the magazine, give it a light fold but don’t crease it.  Keep doing this until you’ve tucked in all the pages and it looks like the picture below.  Once you’ve done 2 magazines like that just hot glue the binded edges together and stand it up.  Place your plant on top and set it in the window.  Fun, easy, practically free project!  Are there any other ways you can think to use this as?  Happy crafting!

Weekend life in pictures

Hello!  Here’s just a few pictures from the weekend.  I got a surprise nomination yesterday for Very Inspiring Blogger award so I’m working on a post about that and will put it up here soon;) Major sweetness!

1//A painting I finished that reminds me of a seashell  2//The first thing I saw Saturday morning was Orangey playing with my yarn 3//Yarn pom pom project 4//Chalkboard sign and a wreath I made last year 5//DIY Christmas decor 6//New Books:Young House Love, Design Sponge, Sewing in a Straight line, and The Smitten kitchen, yay! Can’t wait to get lots of ideas for more crafts and recipes! 7//Elephant ornament from World Market that I love 8//Swedish Ketchup and Mustard bottles from IKEA (Mr. Rutherford needed a small desk, I needed these, *wink wink*) 9//Sunday banana waffles with syrup and raspberries 10//New bamboo plant

I wish all weekends were like this one:)  Hope yours was pretty sweet too!

My first ever Birchbox

I got the coolest thing in the mail today!  I waited for like four months–there’s a waiting list for these seriously.  Birchbox is a beauty club and for ten bucks a month you get 6 or so samples of products.  I thought this would be a fun way for me to try out new products without spending a lot.  I’m pretty stingy when it comes to all products really but when I do shell out for a product I love it’s worth it.  Plus, it’s so much fun to get stuff in the mail!

1//Dude’s colonge, yum  2//Rose gold colored nail polish (motivation to quit chewing!) 3//Hair mask 4//Twistband hair tie (wanted this!) 5//Yummy smelling lip gloss (my fave) 6//Oh-so-soft Whipped shea butter (smells like banana bread says Ryan)I couldn’t wait to get dressed even to try on all my new stuff!  Today is getting out some Christmas decor and going out for movie night, don’t laugh, we’re seeing Twilight!  Have a great weekend ya’ll!  Any fun plans??