Mussels in wine

I am in love with this tasty little shellfish that I had for the first time at my bachellerette party in June.  This is my very first attempt at cooking them myself because I felt a bit intimidated at the prospect of cleaning them, fishing out the bad ones and simply not getting sick.  I happily found it to be the easiest recipe and just about the best thing I’ve eaten!  Not to mention how fun is it to eat your food out of little shells!  Here’s how I made it:

1.5 C white wine (I used an inexpensive chardonnay), 1 pound mussles, 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1/2 onion, 1 tomato, 1/c mushrooms,  olive oil, rosemary, thyme.  1.  Pull off mussel’s beards aka those stringy bits they attached themselves with to grow.  If you have trouble try pulling the other direction and pull hard!  2. Soak Mussels in water, add pinch of flour. This step helps remove any sand-crunchy! 3. Chop the garlic, tomato, onion and sauté in oil until it smells delicious about 5 min. (add garlic about halfway through so it doesn’t burn) Add rosemary and thyme  4. Add white wine to pot with onions and garlic mixture  5. Drain Mussels and add to pot once boiling  6.  Steam Mussels in covered pot 8-9 minutes until they are opened up  7. Spoon out your Mussels including the broth and serve with bread for soaking up the broth.  8. Throw out any Mussels that haven’t opened up  9.. No you haven’t died, it is heaven though (ugh, that was bad! haha!) 10. Drink leftover wine with Mussels.

Look here for Mussels Round 2 soon!


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