Moscow Mule recipe

For my Drink of the week the Bff and I made the classic Moscow mule.  It’s a drink I definitely had to get used to.   Once I did I found I really enjoy  the gingery concoction because of it’s clean and fresh taste:)  I also love that the ginger beer is brewed and fermented with the ginger and other herbs, mmmm.  I’d love to try brewing our own beers someday.

Here’s how we made Moscow Mules:

1. 1.5 oz. Tito’s vodka on ice  2. Add 2 tbs simple syrup. For diy recipe just add equal parts sugar and water and bring to boil-let thicken  3. Top it off with ginger beer (we used Fentiman’s and found it in the soda isle at Central market) 4. Garnish with fresh mint (hint: must start herb garden)

Now I just have to find some affordable copper Moscow mule mugs to serve them in total  style!  DIY anyone?  Also, look for my ginger dressing recipe soon!  You could drink it like soup it’s that good:)


3 thoughts on “Moscow Mule recipe

    • Mmmm, fresh mint! I wish I had a garden! I haven’t seen it much on a bar menu either until we went to a 60’s style bar–def worth a try! Thanks for sharing!

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