DIY Painted cacti pots

Hi! It’s project monday! In our home I’ve long found we can’t have leafy plants other than rubber plants, cacti, and succulents. Despite my efforts to research kitty friendly plants and place them high enough or have a nice pot of philodendron placed in a nice sunny window they eventually become victims to our 3 cats. I was feeling the need for more greenery for a while now since my 3+ year old rubber tree died (my (major) bad–I overwatered), maybe it has something to do with the changing seasons outside or maybe with my constant need to change up the decor.  That said, I stocked up on 6 of the cutest little cacti.

Here’s what I needed for the project: 6 ceramic pots in 2 different sizes, 6 ceramic saucers, potting soil, cacti, acrylic paints(I used 6 folk art brand for $1 each), paintbrush,*coffee. Total cost=$45

I potted the cacti before painting their pots which did not make a difference to me but if you try this you may want to paint the pots first so you don’t get dirt droppings onto your painting area*just a hint*!  I think they turned out really cute and now my kitchen window bench has lots of color (what about a cushion bench there you say?-how sweet would that be-but I’ve tried that and it becomes a cat bed/hair everywhere so you don’t want to sit and relax there bench) For now it’s a great home to my sweet little cacti!


Please share your thoughts with me!

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