Fall Goals

Since I became unemployed for the first time in 4 years almost 4 months ago I was mostly concerned about what do I do next and it was very anxiety provoking.  Now I’m just learning to enjoy the moment and what I’m doing now and if the right job comes along then yeah for me!

I do need to set some goals however because that really helps keep my anxiety at bay; otherwise I’ll have a million things I feel like I need to get done and it keeps me up at night.  So, I made a short list for now of what I want to accomplish by January 1st, 2013.  Here they are:

1. Write and post at least once on my blog daily.

2. Finish reading 3 books (I have a stack of like 5 books I’m currently reading and more stacks around the house to start).

3. Complete 5 sewing projects; that’s about one per week.

4. Learn some photoshop stuff like I don’t know, how to edit.

5. mmm, this is hard really, oh yeah, plan a nice birthday dinner or outing for my hubs

6. Finish my first crocheted blanket

7. Eat more squash

8. Try to stop chewing my nails, like at least try

9. Finish a painting

10. I can do this, okay # ten is to save some money, not a lot but some.

Whew. That’s my list for now.

What are your fall goals?  They’re fun to think about so go ahead!

Laters, Jess


4 thoughts on “Fall Goals

  1. My goals are to shoot everyday, whether it be with my camera or with my iphone. So far so good. 🙂 I also am re-teaching myself how to sew. I had started learning how to sew in Madison and when we moved other things just came before it. I want to start making the costumes/outfits/accessories etc for my personal projects. The bonus on that one is making clothes for myself, stuff around the house and costumes for the little man. 🙂

      • oops, the part of your post about sewing didn’t show until now–well, we have that in common too! I bet Cillian will love his handmade costumes, they’re always so unique. A fave memory of mine was my mom making mine as kid:)

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