(My Fave) Ginger Dressing

Hey there! Today’s recipe is ginger dressing, but I’ll eat it just about like soup.  I do have to be careful though because if I overdo it the ginger really acts on my tummy!  My mom first made a version of this dressing that I about died for and since then I make what I think is pretty close to hers.  It also has a very similar taste to the ginger dressing you would have in a sushi restaurant, which I always ask for extra of:)  Ok, here’s what I used:

1. juice of 1 lemon 2.  3 tbs ginger  3. 1/8 C soy sauce 4. 1/2 C Olive oil 5. 1 tsp mustard 6. 3 garlic cloves 7. pepper.   Just chop up your garlic and ginger and add all ingredients to the blender till smooth.  Hint*Sometimes the ginger is still chunky after blending (and strong tasting if you get a bite!) so chop your ginger finely.  Enjoy on salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, or homemade sushi!   *Super Yum! Jess.  Do you have any other ginger recipes you can’t live without? 

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