Whole wheat crepes, first try

While looking through instagram I found a pretty little pic of a crepe and it looked so delish that I decided to try myself. I’ve never made one before but I had everything in the pantry ready.  Looking back on the instructions you are to let the batter sit for 30 min to overnight to settle-I did not do this (I have a problem reading directions sometimes and would rather just do it my way!) but my hubby still ate them and I thought they were really tasty; not as heavy as a pancake either.  Here’s the recipe:

Supplies: 2 eggs, 1 C milk (I used almond milk), 1/2 C water, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 C flour(I used whole wheat), 3 tbs butter or oil.

Start by blending all ingredients for 5 seconds, scrape down and blend 5 sec. more. (I also did not do this, instead I hand-whisked). Cover and refrigerate for 30 min-overnight. Heat a pan with the oil or butter. Add batter, wait 1 minute until it is golden, flip and cook 30 seconds more. Stack the crepes to keep them warm until serving.

I served mine with lemon curd and raspberry jam. Just roll it like a little burrito. You could also use cream cheese, any other cheese, or sprinkle powdered sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Get creative! Have a great friday everyone!


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