DIY Moss Letter

Today’s project is sorta sentimental because I first made moss monogram letters for our wedding, awww.  I recently made another for my etsy shop and it’s really the easiest project, albeit messiest.  But no worries, just keep the animals out of the room and have a large work area.

Here’s what you need: 1. Moss from the craft store  2. Wooden or paper mache letter  3. Glue gun  4. Scissors  5. *Optional: Sawtooth hanger or ribbon for hanging also felt covering for the back.  If you use a sawtooth hanger you won’t need the felt.  The felt is a nice touch if you think you’ll see the back–like if you were to display the letters on your mantel.

Step 1. Lay the letter on the moss with the moss face down/pretty side down  2. Cut around or trace your letter on the moss leaving 1/2″ extra to glue on sides and back of the letter  3. Glue letter to moss keeping pretty moss side down4. Glue moss to sides and back of the letter.  Depending on your letter you may cut out corner bits so that it glues down flatter   5. You’ve made your Moss letter, isn’t she neat?
6.  I added a thank you tag for a special touch for my customer.  These make great gifts, holiday decor, door hangings, wedding decor.

Also, For more wedding DIY stuff I made see my Etsy shop here. *Thanks for visiting! Jess


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