Ten Photos

1-4 taken in the park near our house. 5 our backyard tree that survived the drought. 6 our dogs looking for the next door beagle through the fence. 7-8 horse apples in the park. 9 blt lunch. 10 the trail to the park.

Hi all!  This week, or rather for ten days, I’m challenging myself to take pictures daily and post ten of them here.

I have always loved photography and took a few classes in high school.  My grandfather was a great photographer and I love looking at those old photos of my dad, aunt, uncles and grandmother.  When I graduated high school my grandmother even gave me my grandpas camera (he had died suddenly when I was 17), but I found in college I didn’t have much time to keep photographing things.  Of course I took a few rolls of my cats when I first got them as kittens in college but other than that I felt it was a hobby I didn’t have time for, unfortunately.

I’m learning that in life you have to make time, set aside and focus yourself, dedicate even, to those hobbies, the things you love.  Thus my blog here.  I’m ready to do that.  It might not come naturally for me to have that discerning “eye” but I certainly am learning and love pressing down the shutter button when I feel inspired.

These are all taken with my iPhone and the ones that are edited I did with the Afterglow app (which I’m luvin’).  Happy trails ya’ll!

I need to mention today as I’m finishing this post that it is a sad day for my husband’s family as they grieve the loss of his grandmother.  My heart and prayers are with you all *Love Jess


5 thoughts on “Ten Photos

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Ryan’s grandma. 😦 I will be thinking about you guys — Grandpa, Cheryl & Greg included.

    I love that you are posting all your pictures. I see a lot of you in them. All the stuff you find beautiful.

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