Thrifty finds November edition

We moved into our lovely home in an new up and coming suburb of Dallas almost 4 years ago (we just got married 4 months ago, we like to do things backwards like that). Our home is much bigger than we needed but we couldn’t resist the price or the nearby lake (it’s really hard to find natural water in Texas!)  We stocked up at Ikea and I’ve collected little things here and there to decorate with, but it gets expensive to fill up a whole house.  So I’ve turned to thrifting.  Off the top of my head I am looking for chairs for our dining room, rugs, plates, coffee table, and bedside tables (lack has been a good friend).

Here’s what I found this month at the local thrift store and a few garage sales (no estate sales lately, insert sad face):  Vintage Amelia Earhart luggage and train case (so cute for makeup or craft storage! Similar ones for sale here and here), vintage leather Bert Paley jacket (1970 article mentioning this and other “elegant,sophisticated” jackets), Indian brass candle holders (similar awesome kind for sale here), brass fruit bowl,Pyrex cheese platter (love the gold detailed cloche! exact one for sale at this etsy shop), crystal dish (for jewelry storage maybe), 70’s spiral cookbook, 70’s-ish syrup container, mushroom design placemats.

Not pictured but worthy of mention: a $5 unused fondu pot, a $6 pretty framed jungle-ey painting, a camp bells soup cook book(608 recipes all using a can of soup!! here’s one you can buy), one pretty floral sheet (for craft projects) and get this, an ET (phone home) sheet–like this one!! I’m not sure what I’ll use it for but I sure was excited to find it-maybe he’ll become a new tote bag or tea towel once I get this sewing machine on…Have you thrifted anything to get excited about lately? *Jess


Please share your thoughts with me!

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