Lush love

I just wanted to gush for a minute on how much I love Lush products.  If you have not yet experienced the silkiest, yummiest smelling bath bombs, lathered your hair into a rapture of foamy deliciousness, played with their shower jelly in the shower, massaged with their nifty lotion bars, or sprayed your man with the Dirty spray, guys, you just have to.  (below: Jasmine bath bubble bar)

I’m also a bit majorly partial down with the whole living, natural stuff and LUSH only uses natural stuff-like their face masks you even have to store in the fridge because they’re perishable.  They also put cute little stickers with the employees face and name on each product to let you know who made and packaged your product and when.  It’s cool that they take pride in their product and let you know.

It’s also pretty awesome that they are against animal testing use gin, vodka and tequila  in their recipes (no really, I am an avid animal lover. I have 5 of my own).  What’s even better is my man likes it too and I definitely benefit from that!  So thanks for listening to my little gush!

(Shown above are Ryan’s birthday presents: 1. Ponche shower gel, 2. Dirty body spray with a minty-herbal smell, 3. patchouli deodorant bar. Below: my lavender bath bomb)  At the end of the day, I am thankful for LUSH’s everywhere.


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