Making tea towels

For my first sewing machine project I made tea towels out of old sheets (there’s that E.T. sheet showing up) and sewed cute cupcakes and such that I cut out of felt.  I think these will be a cute hostess gift with a jar of homemade preserves wrapped inside.

Here’s what I used: scissors, sewing machine, felt, thread.  I cut up the cupcake designs while watching t.v. one night, Dexter reruns of course.  For the towel I measured and cut 16×20″ of fabric and I pinned and sewed a hem on each side.  Easy enough.  I cut out a few squares of fun fabric I had laying around and sewed them on.

I used several different fun stitches on the cupcakes like a curly-q and a zig-zag.  I also changed out the colors of thread to either match or contrast with the felt color.

So bye-bye spending $18 on cute anthropology towels (sorry I love you), I’ll just make my own thank-you.

The best part of all this is I found that I really enjoy sewing with my machine and I can’t wait to tackle more projects. I’m waiting on my “Sew-in-a straight-line” book to land on my doorstep.  Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving week, it’s absolutely beautiful around here!  I’ve got to go practice baking a pecan pie now;)


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