Weekend life in pictures

Hello!  Here’s just a few pictures from the weekend.  I got a surprise nomination yesterday for Very Inspiring Blogger award so I’m working on a post about that and will put it up here soon;) Major sweetness!

1//A painting I finished that reminds me of a seashell  2//The first thing I saw Saturday morning was Orangey playing with my yarn 3//Yarn pom pom project 4//Chalkboard sign and a wreath I made last year 5//DIY Christmas decor 6//New Books:Young House Love, Design Sponge, Sewing in a Straight line, and The Smitten kitchen, yay! Can’t wait to get lots of ideas for more crafts and recipes! 7//Elephant ornament from World Market that I love 8//Swedish Ketchup and Mustard bottles from IKEA (Mr. Rutherford needed a small desk, I needed these, *wink wink*) 9//Sunday banana waffles with syrup and raspberries 10//New bamboo plant

I wish all weekends were like this one:)  Hope yours was pretty sweet too!


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