DIY Magazine plant stand

I made this plant stand today when I brought my succulent inside before the weather freezes him outside and I couldn’t find anything to set him on so that he gets enough light.  I had seen these magazines folded up like this at anthropologie a few years ago and thought what a cool way to up-cycle and make something useful, hence the up-cycling part:)  All you need is 2-3 magazines and some hot glue.  I used Elle which is a thicker magazine so I only needed 2 for this project.Simply fold over 4-5 pages and tuck them into the center of the magazine, give it a light fold but don’t crease it.  Keep doing this until you’ve tucked in all the pages and it looks like the picture below.  Once you’ve done 2 magazines like that just hot glue the binded edges together and stand it up.  Place your plant on top and set it in the window.  Fun, easy, practically free project!  Are there any other ways you can think to use this as?  Happy crafting!


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