Etsy love: The wolf and fox

wolf family

I am dying over this print by Sandra Diekmann via her etsy shop. I love wolves, always fascinating animals to me and this is an amazing illustration! I even have a pinterest page titled “Wolves and Ekos” named so after my dog Eko (pronounced Echo) who is part husky and possibly part wolf. He was a rescue and our neighbor who works for  a Dallas husky rescue organization has a husky-timberwolf mix and it looks just like Eko!

Curious fox by katiejspragg

I’m also in love with this fox plate. I love how the artist tells the story behind this plate– “Fox found on 72nd floor of UK’s highest skyscraper:
A fox dubbed Romeo was found living on the 72nd floor of Europe’s tallest skyscraper surviving off scraps of food left by construction workers.
Vulpes vulpes is latin for fox.”

Gingiber fox calender

Isn’t this the cutest? I bought a print from her a year or so ago and love it.

Felt fox sewing tutorial from Cynthia Treen

I forgot, I bought this adorable tutorial to sew this cute little guy. I think he’ll be an ornament.

Ode to Kevin Costner earrings from Mondaycraft

I just think these are neat earrings, love the geometric look.

Red riding hood leggings

I may be going a little overboard with these leggings but they are pretty sweet.

Triangle wolf print from Stephanie Webb

Love this wolf howling a geometric design!

Fox phone case from Eve

and this adorable phone case!

I’ve got to run now and get some errands done and some house cleaning before the weekend, I hate cleaning on weekends;)  Cheers, happy friday!


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