Glitter-glue gem jewelry

glittergem DSC_0004Hey ya’ll!  I thought this little accessory project was perfect for the Holidays since I like to have a little bling on whenever possible.  I love hair accessories and I get a lot of complements whenever I wear my hair flowers and fun clips.  These glitter gems were really easy and fun to make. DSC_0007Supplies: glue (Elmers), hot glue gun, wax paper, glitter, bobby pins, felt, scissors.

DSC_0008 DSC_0009  Steps to make glitter-glue gems:

1.  Squeeze the Elmer’s glue onto your sheet of wax paper in whatever shape you want to make. I found hearts and circles were the easiest but the stars and diamonds turned out cute too.  Don’t be afraid to really gob the glue on there since it will flatten out while it dries.

2.  Shake the glitter on to your glue shapes.

3. Let the glue shapes dry at least 24 hours until they are hard and you can peel them off the wax paper easily.

4. Peel your shapes off and hot glue them down to the felt sheet. Cut around your shapes once they are dry, about a minute.

5. Hot glue your glitter gems onto the bobby pins. And your done!

Now go be sparkly!

Do you have any fun accessories you like to make or wear during the holidays?


Please share your thoughts with me!

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