10 Minute Mulled Wine

mulled wineDSC_0017


Our house has been absolutely FREEZING this week! We woke up and the thermostat read 53 degrees, ugh!  We’ve been having problems with our air conditioner (yep, it broke during the heat wave of 30 days over 100 degrees) and now our heater.  The house is less than 10 years old!  One of the air conditioning specialists said our house was just built wrong, nice.  So the other night when my fingers just wouldn’t warm up and it had gotten dark outside I decided to try a quick, and I mean I needed it now, mulled wine.  It turned out really nicely!  Here’s what I used:

1 bottle red wine// 1/4 C ginger liquer// 6 whole cloves// 1-2 slices fresh ginger// 1/2 pomegranate// 2 large grapefruit slices

I poured all ingredients into a large pot and heated on medium heat for 1-2 minutes then lowered the heat for approx. 4-5 minutes.  Strain out the cloves &  ginger and enjoy the rest!


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