Basil Pesto Salmon

pesto salmonDoesn’t this salmon look delicious! It’s because it was:) And I didn’t even make it. Yeah, I bought it at Coscto and I’m REALLY impressed! We’ve been members for a few years because it saves us money on our dog and cat food but have been increasingly happy about the quality items we find there; everything from books, pajamas and outerwear, to produce, tortilla chips and peanut butter.  It really is worth shopping there. Anyways, I usually buy the frozen fish and make it myself but this looked so good I had to try it. Even the Mr. ate all his up and he’s only so-so happy about eating salmon.  I thought that the basil-pesto butter on top was a perfect complement to the fish so here’s a recipe:

1 salmon fillet// basil pesto sauce (try this recipe or this other recipe)// Bake salmon for 15 minutes at 400.

So good and good for you too.  Enjoy, Jess.

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