After-Dinner-Dessert martini

holiday martiniThis martini tastes just like cheesecake with a hint of mint, coffee flavor and vanilla.  Don’t worry though, it’s not too minty, just right really.  I’m not a huge fan of sweet martinis but this one, done right, is dessert-like but not too heavy.

Here’s what you need:

1 part Vanilla or whipped cream flavored vodka// 1 part Coffee liqueur// 1/2 part mint shcnapps //1/2 part cream/creamer // *optional: garnish with crushed candy cane rim or a whole candy cane dipped (I like the whole candy cane in the martini so it wasn’t overwhelmingly minty. plus, it’s kinda fun to lick the martini off the candy cane)

1. Shake all ingredients on ice and pour into your glass

2. Enjoy with friends/lovers/family as a D-lish treat!

I would say this is a Christmas martini but I could drink this one all year round;) Cheers! Jess


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