Paper jewels diy

paper jewels DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0107 DSC_0108 DSC_0109I saw these paper jewels on pinterest last week and pinned them then I ran into them again on a blog I follow and I decided to try them out.  While watching season finale of the X-factor I made 3 of these in about 1 hour.

I’ve never tried or been good at origami that I can remember but these were fairly simple to make. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids, however, because you’ve got to make the folds very precise or it will looked raggedy when you glue it together (thank you Shanique, if you’re reading this, for that word:)

Supplies: Thick paper–I used cardstock Kraft paper// scissors// glue stick or elmer’s// templates–I found them on this blog here (thank you!) or on pinterest// folding tool–I used a popsicle stick!

1//Print (you can print the template directly onto your paper if your printer takes a thicker paper-mine didn’t) and cut out your templates and then fold along the dotted lines using your folding tool. 2//glue the small tabs together, making sure the templates are matched up. It helps to look at the picture to fit them together:) 3//Optional: Add an ornament string before you glue them together if you want to hang them. Add paint or glitter when it’s dry for a little bling.

I think they would look cute as a mobile or hung from a chandelier for a party!


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