Fresh start

So today I’m starting a cleansing detox for 3 days. What it means is no food, just fresh produce smoothies.  I’ve lately felt sluggish and tired and I think this might be just what I need.  I watched several documentaries like “Fat, sick and Nearly dead” about juicing and cleansing and how it really should just be part of your life, not something you do once and done.  We eat a healthy, clean diet as much as possible but I think I just need something extra to get me motivated again. I remember feeling this way a year ago as well, in fact much worse. I was severely stressed out with planning an out-of-state wedding by myself, suffering a very difficult loss in the family, and with my job.  I wasn’t dealing very well and couldn’t get motivated for several months.  I want this year to start out well now!

We bought ourselves a Vitamix blender for Christmas. It’s different than a juicer but I’m convinced that eating the whole fruit/vegetable is way more beneficial than just squeezing the juice out.  I would love to try a juicer sometime, but for now I think this is the way to go.  I’ve already been having a smoothie a day for breakfast for about a week now and they are really great.  The vitamix is so powerful that it can even blend up strawberry seeds and get out all those nutrients that normally your body just rids because it’s too small or hard to digest.

Today’s smoothie: Green goodness

ingredients: 3 C spinach// 1 celery rib// 1 medium carrot, peeled// 5 strawberries// 1 orange, peeled// 1 apple, whole// small bunch cilantro

The cilantro really overpowers this smoothie, but in a good, clean, fresh liver-cleansing way. It’s altogether sweet and delicious.   Are you doing anything new this  year to get motivated/healthier? Bottoms up, Jessica.


3 thoughts on “Fresh start

    • Dark greens are great as well as herbs like parsley and cilantro for cleansing:) I found out that it’s the chlorophyll that is really good for you too in plant foods. Gelatinous plants like Aloe vera are super detoxing as well. I’m pretty much making the recipes up as I go, and I’ll be posting the good ones for sure!

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