Green whole fruit smoothie

vitamixDid I mention that with this cleanse of no food, caffeine and alcohol are not to be consumed as well?  The caffeine part so far is the hardest. I had a dull headache the entire first day.  I even allowed myself a small cup of loose leaf green tea, but it didn’t help much if at all.  I did a work out and that DID help for a while.   My lunch smoothie today was inspired by V8 juice and it wasn’t very good:( so I started feeling sorry for myself when my husband made himself a spinach, feta omelet. So I’m getting out of the house for a while to get more ingredients to use, like a pineapple:) yay.

Here’s one of the recipes I made for my cleansing detox that is really good tasting: 3 C spinach// 1 C grapes// 3/4 C mango// 1/2 C blackberries// 1/2 banana // strawberry for garnish or just throw it in the mix
DSC_0024I’m really enjoying this cleanse despite the lack of caffeine (and my lunch smoothie).  Whole foods can only make you feel good and despite the funny colors, this tastes really good!


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