Diamond mobile

DSC_0040 DSC_0041 DSC_0047 DSC_0049Hey, TGIF!  Sorry about the lack of daily posts, but I honestly just haven’t felt like being on the computer every day even though I’m motivated to be doing lots of little crafties and cooking fun stuff.  Well, I’ll get around to posting them all eventually cuz I’ve been seriously doing a lot of crap around the house!  And I mean making clay stuff to planting stuff to painting old furniture and everything inbetween. It’s actually crazy how much stuff I’ve been doing. I need to relax! That is exactly what I’ll be doing this weekend too.  Oh yeah, getting a couples massage tomorrow then hanging with some old friends, woot woot!  Back to this post. I made some little clay diamonds (one of my pinterest projects) then drew with a silver sharpie a diamond-y shape so you could actually tell what it was, then strung them up.  It took me like, all day.  Like I watched 6 episodes of Downton Abby while I was rolling out the clay and cutting like a thousand of these guys.  Well, at least like 15, I didn’t count. But it was fun. I love clay I’ve decided. I’ll be posting some clay beads and necklaces that I made lately too, they are SO cute!  I love it.  Wait, I just counted–16 diamonds in this mobile!  oops, I gotta run, have a lovely weekend!


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