Thrifting lately

IMG_4725I have a Confession or 2: One, I’ve been thrifting a lot lately.  It’s retail therapy for the cheapo (that is not a word I realize but I’m using it) I am proud to be.  Plus, we’ve owned our home for 4 years now and it still needs lots more stuff something to feel cozier + homey in my opinion.  My second confession is that I’m a little majorly obsessed with lamps lately.  Our $60 IKEA lamps totally fizzled on us so I’m on the look out.

I know I’ve seen quite a few other blogs doing thrift posts lately as well and I love seeing what other people find.  It’s a fun hobby and sometimes you can find something really unique and special.  For now, I consider myself a thrifting adolescent (like not a newborn but not a seasoned adult), like I’ve gone once or twice in the last 10 years  but now I go once or twice a week.  I don’t really have any thrifting rules, just that it has to be something I love and can see myself using.  If I can live without it then it’s a no go.   So the picture above is a brass lamp I keep eyeing but haven’t bought it yet…keeping my options open I guess. And probably as a rule, if I haven’t bought it after a week or two then I won’t end up with it because I don’t really love it.IMG_4724I’m also looking for some bedside tables…liked this all wood Thomasville one ok…maybe a little paint and new hardware…but I want something a little simpler in design…IMG_4743 Was a tad obsessed with this table…painted glossy white, hello! but someone got it for $60(was waiting for the price to go down)…good for them.DSC_0019 Can’t resist bargain books…didn’t know that in his biography, Roald Dahl is described as a creepster (can’t wait to read it)…I’d love to build a wall unit in the Living room to house them all, if I could ever get the hubs around to it…DSC_0017Oh, and this I found at the flea market last summer, painted and how cute!DSC_0001Always wanted to find one of these…$7 cart at a Terrell, TX thrift shop.  Tempted to paint it but not quite sure which direction to go…Fun and bright like red or glossy white, or more simple like oil rubbed bronze or black…hmmmm, what do you think?IMG_4753 $5 lamp at Censational thrift shop in Rockwall–love it, it’s by my side of the bed:) So granny chic.DSC_0147 $5 Espresso maker at Censational (the steamer doesn’t work but still makes good espresso)DSC_0050LOVE these $40 Chrome chairs I found at a consignment shop in Royse City. The best part, the dogs can’t sit on them and get their hair everywhere;)  Yeah, they were $40, but I love them and will have them for-EVA!DSC_0140What? $2 brass deer candleholder at an estate sale, yep.DSC_0151 $10 metal typewriter desk at an estate sale. Gonna paint it pebble grey…not quite sure where it’s home will be…DSC_0154$2 midcentury stool at Censational
DSC_0155 $5 vanity stool at an estate sale. Needs a new cushion but it’s cute right?
DSC_0188 $3 wool blankets at an estate saleDSC_0191And this guy for $3!  I totally got made fun of for this one, but it made me laugh, plus, we played with the dogs with it, huh-larious!  He’s hanging in the kitchen now, silly little guy.  Any fun thrifting lately?  Would love to hear what you’re finding out there!


One thought on “Thrifting lately

  1. I almost shed a tear thinking of you not having that table. It would have been gorgeous in your house in white! Next month you guys are coming up and we are going to trade days. It’s AMAZING! You, the little man and I can go. We can leave the big boys home. 🙂

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