a Vday craft: pom flowers

Flower pom poms aka a little project for vday aka the only one I did this year aka I didn’t even make a card or heart shaped thing aka I hope I still have a great vday because I do get all sucked in sometimes to the luvey-dovey stuff that I didn’t do. Anyways, I love poms!   You can make these for yourself me to brighten up a little corner in your home on Vday without spending as much as a bouquet of flowers…even though I ended up doing that too as you’ll see in the last picture. flower poms What you’ll need: yarn// pipe cleaners// vaseDSC_0062 1// wrap the yarn around 3-4 fingers about 25-30 times; slide the ball you made off and place on top of a pipe cleanerDSC_00642// Tie a knot around your ball and your pipe cleaner like so..
DSC_0065 3// Wrap your pipe cleaner around the pom pom the same as you did for the knotDSC_0066 4// Cut your pom pom through the center evenly and shape your pom how you like it. I like mine kinda crazy like but some like them perfectly round. I think since this is supposed to be a flower kinda crazy works, right?DSC_00675// Make at least 3 flowers ( I made a few after these pics were taken to fill up my vase some more) and put them in your vase. I love this vase I thrifted!!! It’s from Germany:)DSC_0071 Now go get some dark chocolates, bubbly and enjoy the people you love in your life. Tell them too! To all those I love, I love you!DSC_0072


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