Bar cart style

barcart cart
DSC_0134 DSC_0135Hey, it’s monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend like I did.  We had 2 coffee dates, a fajita dinner on the harbor and picked up some goodies at World market; I love world market!  I might have to do a post on some of the foods we found:)

I was pretty excited to find this bar cart at  a thrift store for $7! And then it just all came into place; I found the gold tray at pier 1 on sale and all the bar-ware I thrifted the same day! I was just meant to have a pretty little gold bar cart in the living room.  First thing I did was clean up the cart itself by wiping it down.  I may decide to paint it a more updated gold someday, but I’m definitely keeping the gold, I think.  Second thing I did was to paint the barware–I’ll do another post on that process later this week.  Third thing was to style the cart. I’m not the greatest at styling so the tray helps a lot to organize the barware, ice bucket and candle holders nicely.   I really love my little corner in the living room now; the cart adds a lot of character!  Thanks for stopping by today!


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