Paint chip mosaic art

DSC_0126 DSC_0128 DSC_0129If you’re like me and can’t afford all the art you want now but do want something to adorn your walls then here’s an easy-peesy project that just might fill that artless void in  your heart home.  I cut up some paint chips into smaller squares in soothing colors that match our bedroom decor (light grey-blue walls, dark eggplant curtains, black statement wall, & white bedcovers–pretty neutral) and made a pretty mosaic using a thrifted frame.  Once you have the design you like glue or mod podge the squares to your background paper, let dry, frame and hang.  I’ve come to really love this piece I made especially since I ended up painting the frame white (not shown) to look a bit more modern.

Looking forward to going to the library this weekend (hello, free movie rentals! I totally forgot about this until 2 weeks ago after not visiting the library in several years–such a great resource) and taking it easy at  home.  Hope you have a great weekend!


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