Amelie. an artwork crush


I rediscovered the french film Amelie and fell in love with the mise en scene all the stuff on the sets that make up the environment. From the wallpapers in the character’s flats to the pictures, art, furniture, dish ware, lamps and all other knick-knacks.  There were 3 specific pieces I noticed Amelie had in her flat, 2 above her bed shown here:  and “bear” elsewhere that I just adore.

The German artist (Michael Sowa) was a favorite of the film directors Jean-Pierre Juenuet.

“kohler’s pig”// “fimlhound”// “bear”// “bunny dressing”// “fowl with pearl”// “pig in soup”//

“his master’s voice”// “autobahn pig”//

I also loved this one that the glass man re-painted each year for 20 years, “Luncheon of the  

boating party” by Renoir.  I’d love to have some of Sowa’s prints in my home; they’re on my list of art to buy!


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