Chairs: Alice in wonderland inspired

I stumbled across my new love the other day whilst on apartment therapy looking for ways to refurnish chairs and stools and found these AMAZEing beauties from   I have to have these!  It’s my new mission in life to find and thrift these chairs!  They remind me of one of my favorite story’s, Alice in Wonderland, when she has tea with the madhatter and there are all these amazingly eclectic chairs at the table.  I’m just totally in love.   I know their kinda funky and weird but that’s just how I like it.  Can you just picture them refurbished with this, this, this, or this fabric? (all from IKEA)

I also kinda love these coral colored quirky chairs.  I’ve never really seen any like this, completely covered in a velvety fabric and oh-so-kinda wonderful (also from  It would make me very happy to spend an afternoon sipping tea and reading in one of these!

On another Alice reference, love this picture and all the super cute tea sets.  I must start collecting these on my thrifting trips!  Alrighty, that’s all for today, have a good monday ya’ll.


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