DIY Oilcloth chair covers

This project has been going on for-ev-er ya’ll.   I found these chairs that I love at the thrift store last year sometime before Christmas. I remember asking my husband if I could buy them all for my present to me our lovely home.  We’ve had a dining table for 3 years but only 2 Ikea chairs saved from our apartment days in Dallas.  This was quite the adventure for me.  I tried to recover the chairs in some Ikea fabric at first but the cats just kept leaving their hair all over and it was hard to clean.  So I came across this really cute oilcloth (stripes, dots and paisley-ish prints) on etsy and I knew that was my solution.  Here’s what I did. recover chair pad 1. Remove old chair cover with a rusty kitchen knife staple remover. Cut new fabric with 4-6 inches extra per side.  Replace with new batting if needed; mine were ok so I didn’t have to do this step.  Wrap the chair pad like a present and staple down one side at a time. I used T50 staples size 1/4″. Ask husband to look at the staple gun because it’s not working; he says you loaded it wrong and it jammed up.  Husband says it was cheap to begin with. Go to home improvement store to buy a new staple gun and smaller staples.    I like to start stapeling in the middle of the chair, just my thang.chair pad 2. Staple the opposite side so you  have 2 opposite sides stapled down now.  I find this easier when it comes to folding and stapeling the corners (like a prezzy, remember). DSC_0068 3.  Fold the corners in like you would if wrapping a present.  It’s not going to look perfect, just do your best.  Pull the cloth tight to prevent wrinkling and staple it down. DSC_0069 4. Staple the fabric piece (not sure if there’s a proper name for this) that was originally on the chair pad’s bottom on or make new ones if they’re gross.DSC_0070 5. And Ta Da!!!  It’s really simple and I just love how they turned out!!  Tomorrow I’ll share how I painted my chairs and all that good stuff!oilcloth covers chair redo
painted chairsBefore shot: Yikes!

old chair


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