DIY Terrarium

I made a terrarium, guys, and it’s pretty neat except that I couldn’t keep the poor fern alive for 5 days in there.  I think I overwatered it. I even used a spray bottle as suggested on another site so I wouldn’t overwater it  UGH!  Anyways, that little alligator is from our first drink in Texas when we flew down to look for apartments; he came served in a punch bowl at Razoo’s and I’ve kept him ever since. I’m a touch sentimental like that.terrariumSo here’s the second version I made with fake succulents and moss inside as well as my fake polymer clay mushrooms.
DSC_0132 I layered sand, rocks, dirt and charcoal then topped it with the moss, rocks I had, and a fake succulent ball-moss thing I found at Michael’s.  I made the cute little mushrooms out of clay.  DSC_0131 I love having green things in our home which can be tricky for us with all our animals and my lack of a green thumb.  But something tells me this one might last;) DSC_0125 DSC_0124 terrarium


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