All I have to say about last night is BEST. SHOW. EVER.  I’ve never seen a band this good live in such a ginormous venue. It was a really amazing show.  Muse’s music is just insanely good and I love them!  I snapped some shots with my Iphone and I took some videos but I totally got busted!  Anyways, they played all my favorite songs (and of course the one we did our grand wedding party entrance to-Supermassive Black hole) and it was a perfect show.  When frontman Matthew played  the piano I was totally mesmerized when these lights on the piano matched to his beat.  The huge upside down triangle (don’t know the technical name ha!) that showed live images of the band as well as amazing light displays was so unique and enthralling; it just added so much to the show I don’t think they could of made it any better.  All in all it was worth every penny to see Muse; my life is a little more full today;)
muse2 memuse muse1 muse us


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