Anything Dip

dip IMG_53101 C almonds// 3-5 cloves garlic depending on your taste// 2 Tbs olive oil// salt + pepper// 5 Tbs Tahini

Place in food processor or Vitamix and blend till smooth-ish. I like it sorta chunky just like my hummus.  You can eat this like hummus; as a dip or spread; with your fave veggies and chips it’s the best.  My husband can’t get enough of this stuff.  I don’t know about you but I’m a dip fanatic.  My step mom got me hooked on her spinach-artichoke dip, hummus, and all things mediterranean/indian foody that I can dip my chip in.  My mom got me hooked on her ginger dressing which I can eat with a spoon/dip my lettuce in.  I could eat dip for every meal.  Now that I said that, how do you feel about dips?


4 thoughts on “Anything Dip

  1. YUM!! I am all about dips. I am fairly certain I could go without full on meal’s if I just had stuff to dip. I seriously dip my bagel in cream cheese.

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