Cleaning house

Literally, I’ve been cleaning and organizing my house for the last couple days to get ready for a special guest for a whole week (her spring break)! And then, right after that, my parents are coming in for Easter.  My parents have not really seen the house much, just for a quick tour once then it was off to the hotel!

I put up new lacy curtains to get in more spring light (it was honestly way to dreary lately and getting to me), fixed up the guest room (which was getting very dusty), and started to fix up the outside of the house as well (the dogs drought killed off what we had left of real grass and there were lots of holes to be filled in by the fence where the dogs like to dig and destroy play)

I’m feeling lots more energized by my sudden spring cleaning mode and ready for some adventures next week!

dinng dining gallerywall calypso jaylabw wndow antler window homeare you having any inspired spring cleaning activities yet?


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