My makeup routine

As I was organizing this week I realized I have not one but two bathrooms full of products.  This was insane I felt so I had to go through and try to pick out just the items I actually use often.  This was way harder than it seems but essential to an organized bathroom.  This post is about a few of my daily essentials (and they fit in just one drawer)!

I’m just warning you that this first picture is me, no makeup (except some chapstick which I can’t live without this time of year) But this is how I look 90 percent of the time. This is even eyebrows gone wild.  Ok, Ok, I’m sure I’ll be more upset in 10 years when I turn 39.  I may or may not be having a I’m-turning-30 crisis….

I used the same routine on my wedding day as I do on normal days for the most part.  If I’m just doing errands then I stick to moisturizer+ SPF, mascara and lip balm.  For going out, date nights, and work/interviews I have this routine:


1//Aveeno tinted moisterizer.  If I were only able to pack one item, this would be it. It provides coverage and SPF, very important things.


2//Makeup forever liquid makeup. I only use this when my skin looks blotchy or uneven but not daily.  The bottle lasts forever and the makeup looks very natural on my skin.  Truthfully, this is the first and only kind of liquid makeup I’ve EVER bought and liked.  Previously, I only wore powder or tinted moisturizer and found that does the trick most of the time.


3//Tarte lipstick/blush + liner + eyeshadow primer/eyeshadow. I love Tarte.  Free of parabens and other icky things that are bad for you this is also quality stuff.  The eyeliner is awsomely smooth. Eye primer is essential especially on hot and humid days. The eyeshadow is natural and doesn’t crease (the only brand I’ve had that doesn’t!)


4//Two faced bronzer + blush


5//Makeup forever silk finisher. This stuff leaves your face looking smooth and healthy, love it.


6//Loreal mascara.  I switch the types I use but love the fat lash kinds.  Not sure if it’s worth it trying more expensive kinds.  I’d rather spend the $$ on SPF moisturizers and lipsticks!


I like to look natural but enhanced if that makes sense.  Sometimes I like to have really dramatic cat eyes and dark eyes + hot red or dark purple lips because it’s fun.  I love trying new lipstick colors but my go-to if I want drama is MAC lady danger (2nd to last picture). It’s fun and bright and energetic.  Just how I like to be.


2 thoughts on “My makeup routine

  1. What a fun post! I love Tarte products but am so allergic to them. 😦 Swollen face is no fun. I totally agree with you on the tinted moisturizer. I could not live without it!

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