San Antonio: part 2 Riverwalk

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is truly a sight to see and experience in Texas. All the sidewalk cafes and restaurants, shops and river boats are fun to see but as you keep walking along there are old decaying buildings that look vacant and gown in on by plants, vines and trees that they almost look like ruins.  There were even a few shady characters around one bend that made me very glad I had my six foot five husband with us!  You also get a bit of Texas culture with the street mariachi bands that come play for you at dinner.  I would highly recommend the prickly pear margarita if you go!  Thanks to my cousin Rachel for inspiring us to take this day trip, it was the best!
rivergodrayriverlookriverwaterfall riverbridges riverfam riverwall riverbt riverpalm rivertrees rivergreen riverwalkway riverrachel riverportrait riverfallsrivercorner riverumbrella riverfeet riverboat riverrays riverray


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