Turkey & greens Soup

I modeled this soup recipe after one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes, Pho (you say Fuh).  I absolutely love Pho soup and would eat it daily if my hubby would too, but he likes more variety than that.  That saying, he did really enjoy this soup as well as I did.  It’s so delicious because it has so many fresh ingredients and it never tastes or feels heavy after imbibing on several bowls full.  Here’s what I used:

Ground turkey, 1/2 lb. cooked// 1 C shitake mushrooms // chicken broth // 2 C fresh spinach // 1 tsp Ground ginger// 1 tbs. thai spice blend// These ingredients use to your liking: fresh mint leaves // fresh sliced green onions // fresh cilantro // hoisin sauce // hot sauce

Add the first 3 ingredients plus spices in a pot and cook on med-high heat until the mushrooms are tender.  Add the spinach, bring to a boil then simmer for about 8 minutes or until the spinach is bright green.  Pour into bowls then serve with the fresh mint, green onion, cilantro (or you could use basil), hoisin and hot sauce on the side.  Enjoy this super healthy meal!
turkeybowl tkysoup turkeysoup


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