Prayer for Boston

In light of the bombings in Boston yesterday I just want to take this time to acknowledge this devastating event and all those it has affected.  I know that I am incredibly sad that someone has inflicted so much pain on so many; it’s inconceivable the evil.  For all those who were there as witnesses and those who were hurt, injured, or knew someone who was, I pray for peace in these coming days for you.

I also want to acknowledge the people who helped others yesterday and went out of their way, into danger even, to help.  That kind of compassion is inspiring and what I want to teach my own kids someday.  To be afraid but act anyways is heroic; there were so many heroes yesterday and still today who are reaching out.

I know people will be angry and express their frustrations in the coming days and weeks as we try to find answers.  I pray that each and every person can find a safe place with which to express themselves and also to find comfort in others because above all we need to believe in goodness.  I choose today to believe in and see the goodness in people.

I also have faith that there is a plan for each of us on this earth, and even though we may not see or understand, God’s plan is perfect. That is how I will cope with this event.

Thank you for listening, it always helps a lot to write out these feelings in order to understand and gain more perspective in such difficult times.   God bless.


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