DIY Face Vase

So I love quirky things and my house is what people would describe as eclectic.  I probably have too many crafty things about but it’s just I can’t help it and they don’t make a pill for my craft addiction.   Anyways, that’s what this blog is for, to document all my little crafty things.  One of the blogs I am addicted to (no pill for that either) is A Beautiful Mess and I mention it because I totally got the idea to make these vases from their blog.  I’ll probably follow this post up with a link on their page so they know I got this idea from them and it turned out really super cute.  I did think to make the fabric flowers all by myself but that’s a whole other post;) face vase IMG_6145IMG_6138vase diyWhat you’ll need to make a Couple of vases (hee hee, couple):  Vases (thrifted for 50 cents), a sheet of adhesive foam (already had from the craft store), spray paint (already had from a previous project).  Oh man I just love how thrifty I’ve become! I mean, crafts get expensive guys! So what I did was I simply started by drawing out facial features onto the foam with a pencil. I would draw on the back side of the foam sheet since my pencil showed through a bit and I had to use a lot of paint to cover it. Then I cut the pieces out, peeled off the sheet from the foam and stuck them on.  Then I did 5 or 6 coats of spray paint, waiting about 30 minutes to an hour between each.  (I got lots of laundry done in-between) It was a  really easy project and pretty fun.  I was going to be lazy and not make the hair but once I stuck on all those curly pieces to my lady I loved her so much more!  I mean that’s not weird, to love a vase, right?  And the dude vase looks way better with hair, sorry babe, nothing to do with you! (You look great with a shaved head!)  So what do you think?  I’d love to stick some fresh spring flowers in them soon!


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