Vintage stool re-do

vintage stoolI found this funky stool a while ago and have been meaning to re-cover it for a while now.  Once I decided on a fuzzy fabric it was smooth sailing.  (I bought like 4 other cuts of fabric before I decided on this one and it matches my fuzzy chair cover, bonus because sometimes rarely I do like matchy matchy) All I did was cut my piece of fabric and staple it down on the underside of the stool, right over the old orange plastic-ey stuff.  I may decide to paint the stool legs over at some point but for now its whatevs.  and look who’s getting to enjoy it first. Calypso and girl cat.  Ahhh, to be a cat.  Happy weekend ya’ll!
IMG_6403 IMG_6368 IMG_6367 IMG_6365 IMG_6362 vintage stool


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