Glass etching: Butter dish

diy glass etching stencil adhesivesglass etched butter dishbutterdishbw
I tried this simple glass etching project for my first etching using stencils and a butter dish.  It’s super simple to do and I like the result, though I made add more design to this later.

Supplies: Paint brush//glass etching cream//stencils// glass surface// gloves

1. Clean the glass surface

2. Place your stencils

3. Paint the etching cream on. Feel free to sort of glob it on. It’ll dry within 10-15 minutes then simply rinse it off.

4. Take off your stencils and there you have it, your very own glass etched item, cool eh! I’d love to try this with some bar glasses, a vase or even our entryway window soon!  Have you tried glass etching?butterdish


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