DIY Tile coasters

I was at Home Depot looking for nails to fix our fence with the hubby when I spotted these ceramic tiles for 15 cents each and grabbed a few.  I had seen something like this on pinterest at some point and wanted to make my own coasters.  We are constantly leaving our glasses and mugs all around the house and since we are both at home full time we confuse whose is whose cup and just get new ones most of the time.  This equals lots of cup rings on surfaces and coasters are really handy to protect my painted table and his computer desk.

Supplies: 2-4 sheets regular scrapbook paper// 4 tiles// mod podge// paint brush

1. Lay out the tiles on some newspaper and spread a layer of mod podge on the smooth surface side of the tile using your paintbrush.

2. Cut your paper to the tiles size (I traced around the tile on my paper)

3. Lay the cut paper onto the mod podged tile and add another layer of mod podge on top.  Let dry.

4. Continue adding layers of mod podge after allowing enough dry time in between, approx. 20 minutes.

5. I added 5 layers total; let completely dry before use.

I just love the moustache coaster! Isn’t it cute?  Hint* These would be nice house warming gifts on the cheap;) I can’t wait to make more, they are kinda addicting.  For another (cork) coaster DIY check out this post I did last year.
tilecoasters DSC_0010 DSC_0013 DSC_0002


14 thoughts on “DIY Tile coasters

  1. I LOVE these! And your butter dish and your footstool. And the colors and lines in your engagement photos are awesome. You’ve got a follower in me. Excited to see more.

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