NOLA doors + windows

We stopped in New Orleans (NOLA as the locals say) for two nights on our drive to Florida last week and stayed in the French Quarter.  We loved it!  I had my doubts about it but it was a completely charming area full of locals who can’t say enough great things about living there.  We were directed by Peaches record store employee who ambled in a few minutes late (long night he said!) to the very best breakfast joint down a few blocks called the Camellia Grill.  Best veggie omelet I’ve ever had.  It’s fun too because you sit on u-shaped tables with everyone else and the waiter serves everyone at the “U” while the cooks are cooking right in front of us.  The waiter congratulated my hubs for cleaning his plate then yelled to the staff “the dishwasher can go home, he’s cleaned his plate!”; it was very entertaining to say the least.

I fell in love with the pretty painted houses and doors and took quite a pictures I realized!  I could walk around there for hours!  Here’s my favorites. NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA NOLA


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