a flower crown

I’m so glad to be back getting into our routine again around here but I have to admit starting blogging again is harder than I thought. I really love making blog posts but sitting at the computer when I’ve been outside so much the last few weeks feels weird!   I’ve been obsessing over flower crowns lately and really wanted to make my own.  I simply cut fabric flowers from their stems leaving a few inches and wrapped them around a wire that I made to fit my head.  I used some floral tape to help keep the stems in place. Easy peesy.  Sorry about the blurry shots, I’m still getting used to using my timer and I don’t yet have a tripod.  (and ugh, I’m throwing that shirt into the goodwill pile, it looks too moo-moo-ey!) Happy Monday; I hope you had a fab 4th.  floral4 floralwreath floral pose4floral


2 thoughts on “a flower crown

  1. The crown looks so pretty with your long hair!! ❤ Why don't you go to Joann's and grab some of the decorative roping in white, and try it out as a belt with the shirt to give it more shape?

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